Your travel companion which is always by your side and is there for you whenever you need it!


No matter where, the FIX bottle will accompany you everywhere. Whether traveling or taking your daily walks with your dog. From now on you always have your drinking bottle with you.


Put your drink bottle or can on a firm surface and pull the rubber band from the top down over the bottle or can. The rubber band fits perfect and firm in the upper third. Now pull the carry strap up, so that it sits nicely on the bottom of the bottle or can. Now you can adjust the length of the carry strap, so that it fits you comfortably. Usually the FIX Bottle is carried across your body.



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Share your FIX Bottle moments with us. Send us photos where you’ve been on the road with your FIX Bottle. We are looking forward to your posts or links on our social media sites. And please don’t forget #Fixbottle